“Hurry up,Sasuke!” Naruto who enters the fairy mode feels Bo Ren and Zorana's Chakra,While urging Sasuke to hurry up to drive Susano。 After hearing the news that Shinohara Yukiki returned to the village,After Naruto handed Hokage's job to Shikamaru temporarily,And Sasuke left the village immediately。 “It's here,Sasuke!” Naruto pointed to a small earth building below and said。 “father!Here!” Zoryana of Chakra, who sensed her father, was lying on the second floor window and beckoning to Sasuke below。 “what happened to you,Blogger!”Come to the second floor,Looking at th


Caught up,5Point difference,Houston caught up with just one goal。

“I have to admit that watching such a game really makes me feel refreshed。”Kenny·Smith waving his fist:“This kind of game gives me the urge to go out and compete with them.。” “Come on,Kenny,I can guarantee,Except for being a grandson,Can't do anything else。”Barkley mocked indifferently:“You will be so violently beaten that O'Neill's grandma doesn't even recognize you,Kenny,Do you believe?” “what,I certainly believe。”Kenny·Smith turned sideways,Waved his hand indifferently:“But I prefer to believe,Before I was beaten up,There is an unlucky guy who will take a step ahead of


Li Qingqiu dare not neglect,What Qin Shi explained must be done by himself,Otherwise, when no one supports me,I am afraid I will be ravaged to death by the enemy。

After Li Qingqiu left,Came to Lin Yun's office。 “how about it,Wife,Are you still used to it?。” Lin Yun dragged her cheeks,I looked up and saw Qin Shi here,Finally showed a smile。 “I don't know anything about the company's business,It takes a while to fully adapt。” “You're fine,After all, it's my wife。” Lin Yun was about to scold Qin Shi with a grudge,There was a knock on the door。 “Please come in。” An employee came in。 “Deputy Director,Xia Xu from Yecheng and Lin Jiang from the Lin Group came here,Said to see the chairman,Chairman is busy,Don't you want to go down a


“understood。”The god of basketball has a calm tone。

Pippen is aggrieved,He still hasn't been able to accept the fact that he was stole consecutively by Kobe。 “damn it,That kid's luck is too good。Just hit the ball。” “Not luck,Is anticipation。”The light on Phil Jackson's glasses flashed by。 “what?” “Scotty,Your action was predicted by Kobe to the next step,So he can steal the ball accurately。” Pippen's round eyes,I can't believe it。Predict?This can also predict? basketball player,Especially the speed of basketball players of their level is terrifying,The slow motion on the TV,But in fact it is as fast as thunder,The news


Let alone stand from the school’s perspective,Guo Jianfeng can think that at this moment, Lao Wang is afraid that he has already laughed from ear to ear。

Interview with Wang Yufei,That's a free advertisement for Shonan No. 1 Middle School。 And do a set of interviews,It must be more than just talking to Wang Yufei, The school leaders want to talk a few words?The teacher in charge should say something?The side evaluation of the teacher must not be less, right??He and Han Qian have to show up as parents too?Even if you learn together, you have to find two to talk about the power of so-called role models.…… How about saying that one person can be ascended to heaven?。 Achievement was achieved by Wang Yufei alone,But the glory


Look far away,The air is twisted。at this time,Two small black spots appeared in the river,To that one“stream”Rush。

Two kids,Zhang Muyang of Zhangjiazhuang,9year old;Zhang Qingguo in Xiaosanhe Village,10year old,The two villages are not far apart。Walk to the river,The two followed the river as if looking for something。 Not too long,The two took off their clothes,Launch,Walk slowly to the other side。 Zhang Muyang stretched out his hand to explore the water,Found the target,A net is raised above the water,A heavy carp is struggling around the Internet。Zhang Qingguo come here,Catch the fish with both hands,Zhang Muyang skillfully took out a knife,Pick out the carp in two clicks,Put it in


Oh shit,People have always served him,Now he has to leave the company’s business to serve Mo Xiaosheng。

“Where's the hotel。”Mo Xiaosheng said。 “My dad asked me to take you to my house for dinner,on my way,Ten minutes later you go downstairs and wait for me。”Nangong Yunxi said with some orders,Then hung up。 “Wait a minute!” Mo Xiaosheng threw the phone away irritably,He didn't bother to listen to his instructions,Let's go to bed for a while。 Ten minutes later,Nangong Yunxi personally drove to the hotel where Mo Xiaosheng was.,See no one at the door,Angrily scolded,Then I called Mo Xiaosheng,Mo Xiaosheng on the other end of the phone yawned,His lungs are going to explode。


Shen Zhiyue took Lu Shanshan’s hand:“I have always disdain to talk too much,If you meet someone next to you in need,I don’t speak much,I will help him directly。”

Lu Shanshan was rubbed by him,His hands are big,Wrap my hands,It feels too subtle。 Lu Shanshan blushed and pulled her hand back:“Got it,Just talk,It's not nice to pull and pull。” ------------ Chapter Sixty Nine Miss a golden opportunity Shen Zhiyue don't know why,Like to pull with her。 “Is there a problem??After all we have tried lying on a bed。” After Lu Shanshan heard what Shen Zhiyue said,,Brush my face red。She always thought that Shen Zhiyue was rigid and serious,I now know that he is a boring man。 But he was right,When he was Lu Shanshan,She climbed into bed by



------------ First895chapter walnut Because of Bai Wushuang's words,The old couple had eaten cabbage,He urged Bai Wushuang to quickly follow Shen Huan,Go to Shen Huan's house to see the vegetables,Communicate and get along for a while。 Shen Huan is also very free and easy,Walked out with Bai Wushuang。 At this time the sky has gradually darkened。 Many people's windows,There is the sound of cooking and cooking。 The people in the alley,Compared to other people in high-rise buildings,Be more leisurely,It's normal to eat after six o'clock。 Those white-collar workers in hi


Although economic conditions have become much better,But years of hard life has made him deduct money for his money.。

Ready to take this time210,000 yuan to spend,Definitely the first time since he was born。 ——The most extravagant thing he did before,That is to buy Chrysanthemum's latest flagship phone,But also for more convenient work。 Like taking photos,Make video。 Powerful mobile phone,It's more convenient to do this,The effect is better。 In this year,The money he sent back was over 100,000,Going back and showing it off will not be considered bragging,After all, the money was actually paid in,It's not a blown number。 Now his parents think he is developed,And he tried to find him a