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[Is it good for babies to eat oranges during pregnancy?
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Oranges are a common fruit in life. Most people can eat oranges with peace of mind, but if you are a woman during pregnancy, you must always control your own amount. In addition, it is best not to eat oranges.You can’t eat radishes together. In addition, you can’t drink milk while eating oranges, so what are the benefits of eating oranges during pregnancy to the fetus?

Is it good for my baby to eat oranges during pregnancy?
Is it good for pregnant women to eat oranges?

Pregnant women eat oranges to supplement vitamin C, which is beneficial to the growth of pregnant women and their fetuses.

Especially if the parents’ skin is dark, pregnant women can eat more oranges. Such vitamin C fruits can make the baby’s skin fair and tender after birth.

Because oranges are easy to get angry, you ca n’t eat more. Controlled within 250 grams. Eating oranges properly is good for pregnant women, but you need to pay attention to controlling the amount of food.

It is estimated that eating 2-3 oranges a day can meet a person’s daily vitamin C requirement.

If you consume too much vitamin C, the oxalic acid metabolized in the body will increase, which can easily cause urinary stones and kidney stones.

Oranges are warm in nature, but because they contain a large amount of sugar, a large amount of oranges cannot be converted into a small amount of storage in a timely manner.Distortions cause dry tongue, sore throat, constipation, etc. It is often said that eating more oranges will get angry.

Pregnant women are more likely to have constipation in the later stages, so it is better to eat less. If you like the taste, you can eat oranges, grapefruits are also good, grapefruits are still clear, and both contain higher nutrients than oranges.

Precautions for eating oranges: Oranges are supplemented with vitamin C and citric acid, the former has a cosmetic effect, and also has the effect of eliminating fatigue.

If you eat the thin skin of orange fractures, in addition to vitamin C, fiber-pectin supplementation can promote laxative and reduce cholesterol.

Hesperidin can strengthen the metabolism of capillaries, lower blood pressure, and expand the tubular arteries of the heart, so it can be said that oranges are foods that prevent coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis.

The nutrient content of oranges Oranges are rich in nutrients. The edible portion is about 76%. In addition to the following nutrients per 100 grams of orange pulp, orange peel compounds, citric acid and other substances that maintain vascular elasticity are also included.

Although oranges can be supplemented with vitamins and other substances, their excessive supplementation or eating with other unsuitable foods will also cause harm to the body, so the precautions for eating oranges must be understood, let’s take a look.

1, should eat oranges: cold stomach, cold in winter, anemia, menstrual flow can eat oranges, especially for elderly patients who often take antihypertensive drugs have the function of potassium.

2. People who should not eat oranges: patients with hot body, fever, infectious diseases, menopausal women should try to eat less.

For those who are already on fire, avoid eating oranges, so as not to aggravate the fire.