That’s why Xia Chenglong regrets the old man,Studied for a lifetime,It’s just someone else’s thing after all,So not strong enough,Not perfect。
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Six Mourning(The third day of the New Year break)
Another holy place in Xihai City left,His departure may be a permanent departure from the world。
No one has thought why there are so many Saint Realm powerhouses in Xihai City,And lost six or seven places in just a few days,This is unimaginable。
The three brothers of the Shao family,Six Finger Snake King,The two of the Li family and the Wang family,They are all the strongest existences hidden in Xihai City,But they all left。
Mr. Qin also left today,But the challenge continues,Because no one knows the bottom line of both parties,Maybe outsiders have long been foreigners?
If you give up then you have nothing,The City Lord’s Mansion has to pay a painful price,They can’t tell the people in Xihaicheng。
Fish market,The peace of the past has been restored since yesterday,Not that things are not big enough,But it’s messy here,No matter how big things can’t stand the passing of time,People who survived don’t care much about what happened。
Quietly in the attic,The red yarn flying all over the sky swaying in the breeze,There are many broken things besides the broken red yarn。
The phoenix strings on the piano table,Full of wine and meat,The pear wood table that was knocked out by the fingers,And her clothes and pride。
Wei Young is very proud,Her pride does not come from the family’s social status and the overly beautiful face,But a natural character。
The relatives who have been watching her grow up,Was forced to death by a man in front of my eyes,I’m afraid no one can bear the pain。
The previous opposition came from the hatred of the Murong family,From Murong Mountains,The idea imposed by her brother,starting today,This hatred will be her own。
The man named the Sixth Throne,Would do such a thing,Exclude dissidents,Random killing,She doesn’t even know why there is such a thing,I don’t even know what Black Rose’s duties are,She just came for a simple experience。
Not yet young,Begonia won’t open,From then on, Weiyang’s name will remain in the fish market forever,She is Murong Qianxue,The name I am willing to pick up in order to avenge my loved ones。
Murong Qianxue was badly injured by Xia Chenglong,She looks at the wall,Hands weakly on the ground,The blood on the corner of the mouth slowly dried up。
Before Black Rose left, she looked at the immobile Murong Qianxue with a kindly look,She just shook her head slightly,The exchange between the two has been completed。