Peng Changyi said:“Talk later,Let’s go to Xiaguangling,If there is no food that Xiaoding is interested in,,Not too late to trouble you”
Xiao Pang said:“I’m not sincere when you say this,Anyway, I am sincerely inviting。”
Ding Yi smiled,I feel that Peng Changyi is still very much loved by the cadres of Sanyuan。
Farewell to Xiao Pang,Peng Changyi drove Ding Yi directly to Xiaguangling。
On the road,Ding Yi looked at the verdant nature of the mountains,She feels better,Lowered the window and said:“Smell the mountain breeze。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“I once said this to an old revolutionary,unfortunately,He is gone now。”
Peng Changyi suddenly thought\tQi Yuncai。
Ding Yi turned to look at him,Of course he doesn’t understand Peng Changyi’s mood at this time,Just said:“Section Chief,Have you been going back recently?”
Peng Changyi said:“Went back last week。what happened?”
“Wenwen call me,Said Wang Yuan’s matter has come to a conclusion。”
Peng Changyi said:“Yes,Two and a half years。”
Ding Yi said:“I know that lawyer,I once interviewed her,Wenwen said it was really amazing。Wang Yuan originally smuggled a lot of money,But the lawyer caught him reporting Jia Dongfang for the country’s economic losses.,and also,When the court is sentencing,Consider the family members actively refund,Actively pay fines,Also played a positive role in sentencing。”
For refunds and fines,Minister didn’t mention it to himself on the phone,Maybe it’s not easy to talk so much on the phone,Wenwen and Ding Yi now have a sense of life and death,and so,Wenwen might talk to Ding Yi about this。