Although high-end storage is precious,But few people steal,Each storage container has the original owner’s spiritual mark,I can’t use it if I stole it,Unless the original owner is killed。
“flourishing,This is a gift from Uncle Long,You have to keep it,do you know?”
Qianqian looks at the necklace,A little shy at first,But I quickly forgot that mom couldn’t easily accept other people’s things,Nod happily。
“Fourth brother,flourishing!”Zhao Shaojiu came from a distance,Seeing the two people cry helplessly。
Where is it like what a warrior should do?!
I have learned a little about Xia Chenglong these days,In general,mysterious,powerful,Empathy。
Zhao Shaojiu thought for a while,Nod:“The clan was destroyed,Zhao family superior,Makes many people unaccustomed,It seems very lively on the bright side,In fact, Bencheng is very deserted now。”
Xia Chenglong frowned,This is indeed a problem。
Regain control of Ben Thanh is the goal,But I can’t control a dead city.,I guess it was okay before,Swept a lot of underground forces these days,I’m afraid it will affect everyone even more。
“I am not very interested in this aspect,If you need my help, just tell me。”
“Ok,I think so,Can we report an auction,Let’s raise everyone’s mood。”
Zhao Shaojiu nodded:“Yes,We are at the clan,Other underground forces got some good things,It’s useless at home anyway,Might as well shoot。”
have to say,This girl is really a genius in business,Let him kill,But let him do these things,That’s kind of……
“can,Do I need something?”
“no, I’m fine,just……”Zhao Shaojiu shook his head quickly,Then he looked embarrassed,“But then it may be necessary for the fourth brother to come forward to the town。”
In order to consider the interest of the auction,When they do publicity, it’s definitely not just Bincheng,The area involved may be other cities around。