Peng Changyi is not like Jiang Fan,Moved to a new house long ago,Live with Shu’s father and Shu’s mother。Jiang Fan’s situation is different,One is because Ding Yi doesn’t like a neighbor in the new house and doesn’t want to move in,The second is his family,Mother Jiang and Father Jiang are getting older,They can’t bear one day24To disturb the elderly,So I still live in the original military district compound,day,The two children will follow their grandparents at the military building,Xiaoding and Jiang Fan will also come here for dinner,In the evening, they took the children back to their original residence in the military area,such,Two old people can relax at night。
Peng Changyi is in a different situation from Jiang Fan,Jiang Fan lives in the military area,There is no cost,Besides, he is the first secretary of the military region,But Peng Changyi is different,There is a fee for accommodation at Peng Changyi Hotel,In order to influence,He will also move。also,Peng Changyi is tired of living in the hotel room,Although it’s his exclusive room,But the surroundings are still full of the special smell of the hotel,He hates this smell,Especially at night,This smell symbolizes loneliness,Not angry。and so,For the convenience of life,After the new home is renovated,He checked out and moved into a new home after the Spring Festival。But the hotel house,The government office did not refund to the hotel,And did not arrange for other leaders to live,Because this house was specially decorated by Jiang Fan for Peng Changyi back then,SARS broke out at this time,Peng Changyi went back to the hotel to take a shower and change clothes after get off work,Then go back to my home。After SARS,He rarely or even doesn’t go to that house。
Since the head is off work, I talked to Jiang Fan about the child,Plus Shu Qing’s call just now,Peng Changyi’s interest in going home suddenly rose。
After he entered the hospital,I saw Shu Qing looking at him by the window,He got out of the car and waved to them,At this moment, I saw that the amount was suddenly gone,Then Shu Qing also left the window。
Peng Changyi went upstairs wondering,Seeing that the door of the house was hidden,He closed the door after entering the house,I saw Liang Liang stood at the door waiting for him。
Peng Changyi said:“Why not close the door?”
Shu Qing said with a smile:“This question is for your son。Since I called you,He asked me to open the door,Just now grandpa closed the door without knowing that he would not do it,Cry as you grin,I have to open the door,I know he is the door for you,Deliberately asked him why he opened the door,He pointed to the door with tears and said two words:dad,Back to。”
Peng Changyi,Happily picked up the son,Lift him up all at once,Went around the house,Then said:“Good boy,I know I miss dad”。
Measured and giggled happily。
Mother Shu came out of the kitchen,Said:“This little thing is so ghost。”
Shu Qing said proudly:“mom,He has a ghost in this aspect a long time ago,When he was very young,You go back to beijing,I sent him to Grandpa Wang’s house,As long as he is hungry,I guess I will be back soon,Neither eat nor drink at this time,Lying in the car and staring at the entrance of the courtyard,Grandpa Wang tested him,Deliberately closed the courtyard door,He won’t do it this time,Just cry。If you open the courtyard door,He stopped crying,Close again,He still crying loudly,later,They will know,As long as this time comes,I should come back to breastfeed。”
Mother Shu said:“Mother and child。”