Shen Siyan got up,Ready to wash。Yan Mo hugged him from behind,Rubbed his face against his back,“Don’t be angry, okay?I really can’t think of what I did wrong,You tell me,I change,good or not?”
Shen Siyan tried to break away from Yan Mo’s embrace,But I don’t know where she got her strength,Hands around his waist,More strength。
“you tell,How many weather do you have?Give me a deadline, OK??I do not like this。”
No matter what Yan Mo said,The only answer to her was silence。
“D,I apologized,Why are you ignoring me?”Yan Mo suddenly felt wronged,Tears pattered down,“I know I can be headstrong sometimes,But I really haven’t made any mistakes lately!I really don’t know what I did wrong,You don’t say,How can i change it.
I don’t change,By the time.just in case.just in case.You don’t want me.what should I do?”
Yan Mo gets sad more and more,Began to tremble uncontrollably。
Shen Siyan felt a warmth behind,Long body stopped,Whisper:“you.Cried?”
Yan Mo pulled the corner of his clothes,Wiped tears,“Who told you to ignore me?”
Shen Siyan turned around,Seeing Yan Mo pumping up,Can’t help but feel bad,Put her in my arms,“All right,Do not cry。”
Shen Siyan comforted her,But the softer his tone,The more she can’t control it,More and more tears。
Shen Siyan stroked her back,Kiss away her tears,“Sorry,I’m wrong,I shouldn’t have made you cry。”
Yan Mo sniffed,Crying:“Then tell me,What am i wrong?You tell me,I change。”
Shen Siyan answered truthfully:“Then you will show me the road conditions after you cross the road,Otherwise it’s too dangerous,do you know?”
Yan Mo twitched,Look up at him,Red eyes with consternation:“on.this one?”
Shen Siyan hugged her tightly,Silent for a long time,He spoke lowly:“Yes,Because i’m so afraid of losing you.”
Yan Mo rubbed his arms,Laugh with tears。