Su Luo touched the remaining warm stove,Tao:“Teacher Huang,They used our stove to cook。”</p>
Huang Lei glanced at him,Tao:“Nothing,All family。”</p>
Su Luodao:“I’m afraid they will steal our ingredients。”</p>
Huang Lei surprised,Tao:“Then go back and have a look。”</p>
Wang Zhengyu helplessly said:“I didn’t use your ingredients,I used a spare。”</p>
The two went into the house,A total,It’s really the same,Su Luo’s eyes rolled,Decided to pit the program group again,Hou Er had his thoughts in Huang Lei’s ear。</p>
After Huang Lei listened,Can’t help but give Su Luo a thumbs up,Tao:“Ruthless。”</p>
Subsequently,The two pretended to be very angry,Out of the house,Huang Lei took the lead:“Zhengyu,Our ingredients,At least halfway up,We have to settle this account。”</p>
Su Luodao:“Just,director,We don’t blame you for using Teacher Huang’s stove,But you use our ingredients,It’s too much,This is all our hard work,For blood and sweat,You just ate,What shall we entertain the new guests。”</p>
Wang Zhengyu watched the two perform with a calm expression,Reba on the side is a bit daunting,Don’t understand what is going on。</p>
But soon,She thought of something,After all, so many episodes,Ears and eyes。</p>
Wang Zhengyu said lightly:“Teacher Huang,Su Luo,Don’t bother,These few of our activities,Machines are running,We have evidence。”</p>
Su Luo and Huang Lei were speechless at once,The two looked at each other,Get,In vain。</p>