But when Mr. Shen’s eyes swept behind Zhang Mengke’s lower body,But she couldn’t help but frowned。
Zhang Mengke sat in a chair,Said:“Mr. Shen,I’m here for an interview,I heard that the hardware equipment of your company’s educational institution is particularly good,I came here especially。”
Zhang Mengke didn’t say,She was arranged by the chairman of New Century Group,She didn’t want to reappear the Yuren Group incident last time。
Didn’t treat her as a talent at all,But as a bargaining chip for cooperation with New Century Group。
Zhang Mengke noticed,On the notebook in front of Mr. Shen,And on the blackboard behind me,All white,No trace of handwriting。
But just now……Isn’t it a girl who just went out for an interview??Did these two guys get fired for nothing??
She didn’t think too much,Mr. Shen spoke up。
“where are you from?”
When Mr. Shen speaks,The eyes look like they are staring at the prey,This makes Zhang Mengke a little uncomfortable,Haven’t started the interview,I already feel like I want to leave。
“I am from Nancheng。”
Mr. Shen squinted again and laughed,Eyes bend into an arc。
“Hello from Nancheng,Beautiful girls from Nancheng!And people are very gentle。”
He interviewed batch after batch of young girls,Anyone from Nancheng,They are all pretty girls,And the one in front of you,Even more beautiful than them。
And his other meaning,Zhang Mengke didn’t hear it。