Back to the courtyard,Already a little more。
After Lin Dong simply washes,By Jiujin,Fell asleep soon。
Early next morning,Lin Dong was woken up by the phone again。
But I saw that Old Man Qin was calling,Lin Dong quickly connected。
Still weird,Why is this old man calling him so early??
“Professor Qin,Good morning。”
“Lin Dong!Haven’t you gotten up yet??”
“No,Already started,You came to me this early,Is there something?”
“Ok,That’s it,You have arranged it if you want to come these few days,End of this period,As a teaching assistant,Before holiday,You have to give students at least one lesson。
But don’t worry,I also know you have no experience,I have prepared the syllabus for you,Are all my lesson preparation materials。
You come to my office later,Take a look,Really can’t,Choose the last paragraph,Arrange a lesson for junior students。
and also,Your performance at the film and television school evening party last night,The hospital leaders are very happy。
Tomorrow night we will co-organize with the art school,You have to prepare a show,But it can’t be singing or dancing。
Must be Minle,Forget it,I’ll tell you when you come,Hung up!”
Professor Qin simply hung up the phone,Lin Dong lying in bed,But was stunned。
It doesn’t matter what you play on stage,But actually asked him to give a class to the students?