[How to make tofu]_ How to make tofu? _ How to make tofu _ How to make tofu

Tired of going to work every day?

Sleeping as a pig on weekends?

Sooner or later this life deprives you of your health.

Although it’s hard work on a Friday and a week, should I burn my stomach on the weekend?

At this time you need to make a few delicious dishes for yourself.

In this regard, I will introduce to you the method of making tofu.


Use a small section of white radish to mash the radish, add the chili sauce and mix well; mix the sauce with soy sauce and mirin, mix and boil and cool; scallion, cut into shreds, and shallots;

The tofu is changed into even small pieces (the shape is random). It is best to use kitchen paper to try to absorb the water, then cover it with a thin layer of flour and fry it in the oil pan until the light golden yellow shows the tofu.The introduction has been completed, but everyone’s understanding and mastery of it are different. Below you can do it according to your own understanding.