[Ingredients for Xiaolongbao]_Materials_Practice

Xiaolong Bao has been eaten in the south and north. Everyone knows that Xiaolong steamed buns are very delicious. However, when making Xiaolong steamed buns, pay attention to the flour and ingredients that are easy to use, even the fillings.Pay attention to the correct adjustment to ensure the deliciousness of Xiaolong steamed buns. The taste of Xiaolong steamed buns is completely delicious, and the nutritional value is also high. At the same time, it helps the body absorb and regulate, which can promote physical health.

Authentic Xiaolongbao materials: 150 grams of seasoned meat filling, 100 grams of frozen skin, 150 grams of cold noodles, 1/4 teaspoon of sugar, 1/4 teaspoon of mushroom essence, 1/4 teaspoon of oyster sauce, 1/4 teaspoon of pepper.

Take a pot, add all the ingredients and stir well before using.


Then add all the seasonings in method 1, and stir them together before putting them in the refrigerator freezer.


Each slice of dough is packed with about 20 grams of filling in Method 2 and put into a steamer.


Take a pot of water and put it in the collector piece. After the water boils, put on the method 3 and steam it over high heat for about 6 minutes to complete.

500 grams of powdered soup buns, 500 grams of pork sandwich, 200 grams of frozen pork skin

Ingredients for stuffing: pork Ingredients: salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, cooking wine, small milled sesame oil, ginger, and chicken soup. Stir the stuffing evenly, and then crush the stuffing into the bowl. Add chicken soup three times.


Mix noodles with water, add more water to the noodles, add more water to the noodles, huh.

Then you need to knead hard, three light essentials: hand light, face light, basin light.

The kneaded noodles should be “snapped” (snapped, that is, let it rest for a while), and the function of the noodles is to make the buns more gluten and taste better.

After kneading, after falling, the noodles are ready.


The skin is thin, and the dough is rolled into a circular shape. The skin is thin and uniform.

The stuffed buns are less tasty and ca n’t be packed.

You see clearly, so much is just right.


After the five-steamed water is boiled, steam it on the pot for 13?
In 15 minutes, the buns are cooked.

Freshly steamed buns lift up like lanterns and put down like chrysanthemums.

After the heat dissipates, the bun skin will harden, and it will not look like a lantern at this time.

However, when lying flat, it looks quite like a chrysanthemum.


The last process —- eat the soup in Xiaofeng. The steamed buns should also follow the operating rules. Otherwise, I can lift the table gently and move slowly. Open the window first, then drink the soup.!!

To open the window, first bite Pier and suck the soup in the bun. If the bun is hot, don’t forget to blow it first.