Wu Guanqi laughed,Said:“I’m not talking about this。”
“What is that?”
Wu Guanqi pointed at him and said:“Your single thing。”
When Peng Changyi heard him talk about this problem,Get discouraged,Don’t face out the window,Said:“Mention less。”
Wu Guanqi smiled,Say:“You go back to kangzhou,I’m not worried about anything else,Because where is your ability to work,The only thing I worry about is that you have nothing to say,Return the house without a room and without a ridge,You said you are really shabby right now,Mixed for this purpose,Is it because you can’t even eat without a salary?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Can eat without a salary,Don’t hide,eat,Can hardly spend any money。”
“I’m making an analogy。”Wu Guanqi said:“Eat at no cost,Flirting with a little girl at no cost,But do you really want to talk about marriage in the future??”
“Hi hi,Who flirted with the little girl?Who is going to talk about marriage??”Peng Changyi is in a hurry。
“I said,Talking little girl,Why don’t you calm down?Last time you were hospitalized with a hoarse voice,Xiao Nan and I will visit you,That little nurse was glaring at you,You thought we didn’t see it?”
Peng Changyi pouted,Said:“Eyebrows,Will I, Peng Changyi??”
“You Peng Changyi can’t,Doesn’t mean the little girl can’t,She betrayed you。”
Peng Changyi looked at Wu Guanqi,Said:“Did Yin Nan say it??”
“Woman attentive,So we can always find the problem。”