Team Leader Tang said:“I came from the grassroots,Needless to say,I know,Tomorrow is a routine,You just need to find a company。”
Peng Changyi said:“Well,Or tomorrow, let’s check the use of the special funds for breeding.?”
“OK,The hall also took care of the funds,I’m afraid I won’t get into the hands of individuals,Let’s see how his money is used tomorrow。”Team Leader Tang followed Peng Changyi and said。
Peng Changyi breathed a sigh of relief,Zou Zijie’s money is the best,Go to him,No preparation required,As long as he is at home。
After Peng Changyi, Gao Tieyan and others sent the inspection team to the hotel room,Peng Changyi is not at ease,Specially asked Wen Yang and a deputy director of the government office to stay with the hotel,Report anytime。
After setting up the guests,Peng Changyi and Gao Tieyan returned to the city government together。Jiang Fan is not in the office,Jin Shengshui’s office is also closed,Gao Tieyan said:“Will they go to the scene?”
Peng Changyi said:“I’ll go to the third floor to have a look。”Talking,Turn around and go to the third floor,After reaching the third floor,No one in the meeting room,Secretary Wang’s office is also closed,He went to knock on the door of Zhongming Yi’s house again,There is no one in Zhong Mingyi’s office。He took out his phone,Downstairs,While calling Jiang Fan。
Jiang Fan’s call was connected by Jin Shengshui,Peng Changyi knew,They almost all went to the scene,Peng Changyi told Jin Shengshui:“Go ask the mayor,Don’t use me in the past?”
quickly,Jin Shengshui gave Jiang Fan the phone,Jiang Fan said:“Changyi,Don’t come over,If there is nothing wrong at home,You just wait for me in the office,We will go back soon。”
“mayor,How is the scene?”
“never mind,The secretaries of the party committees of all towns and villages have brought their people back,What’s going to be solved tomorrow,The people are gradually evacuating。”
“Oh,Well,I’ll wait for you at work。”
“Ok,How is your situation there?”Jiang Fan asked。
“no problem,The guests have rested。”
Jiang Fan said“it is good”Then hung up。
Peng Changyi took a long breath,After he closed the phone,Gao Tieyan is out,Asked:“Changyi,how about it?”
Peng Changyi said:“The secretary, the mayor and the standing committee members all went to the scene,Now the people are evacuating the scene。Should be fine,Or go home and rest early?”
Gao Tieyan yawned,Said:“also,Call me if something happens。”
After Peng Changyi nodded,Just go back to the office,He made a cup of strong tea,So I called Wen Yang,Wen Yang said the guests have rested,Please rest assured。