When the night is completely over the Jindu Plain,The temperature difference between day and night causes air movement,The cool breeze is taking away the heat of the city that has been exposed for a day。
This city has its best moment。
Only the provincial sports center outside the third ring road of the north of the city remains hot,Thunderous cheers。
Hu Lai running towards Jiaoqi District,Leaping high,Made his own signature celebration。
The deafening cheers,Is his best celebrationBGM。
And Hu Lai’s teammates,Have rushed from all directions,Hug Hu Lai、High five,Celebrating his goal。
Chen Jianyu saw this scene,Feel something。
When young people first come to a team,,It’s hard to join the team,Because he has no foundation here。And the football team locker room is a place where qualifications and factions are very important.。Everyone knows the virtues of Chinese football in the past,These years have passed,Some things have not changed much,After all, where there are people, there are rivers and lakes。
Where there are rivers and lakes, factions are naturally divided。
Of course the local players will play better,Because of the love,Not just football,This situation exists in all walks of life。
Find more foreign aid,Because they don’t understand other people’s languages。
The internal support of non-local players either form a loose group by themselves,Or just go find a local player to hold his thigh,Strive to be able to squeeze into the core group of this team,So whether on or off the court,Life is much better。
This situation exists in any team,Not even the Chinese team,The same is true in foreign teams。
Because this is part of human nature。