Chen was funny,Don’t say anything anymore。
“I feel I met two fake girlfriends。”
Shen Ruoxi muttered to herself,Don’t look at Murongshan and Chen。
Yang Shiyun and Song Min,Swallow just laughed and said nothing,Did not join at all“war”the meaning of。Because it’s sunday,Yang Shiyun and Meizi rarely take a day off at the same time,So today the master and apprentice are both present。
“Shen Ruoxi,I don’t mind if you say I’m your fake girlfriend,But if you say Chen Hao is your fake girlfriend,Then you have no conscience, okay!Our family treats you well,That’s what I have always done before I die,Do you have to have a conscience?。”
Murong Shan deliberately picked Shen Ruoxi’s reason,Anyway, everyone sitting here idle is idle and there is nothing to do,Then you can only play around……
“Did I say this??Why don’t i remember what i said?”
Shen Ruoxi refused to admit it!This is really Shen Ruoxue’s style,Exactly the same。
“Ok,When i didn’t say anything,I forgot that you are a big brainless guy。”
Murong Shan replied dismissively。
“cut,When you say that others have big breasts,It’s best to look down at your own part first,Then talk。”
Shen Ruoxi started to fight back。
Yang Shiyun,Chen Hao and Song Min immediately turned away and looked away,When talking about this problem,They don’t want to lie down innocently。Only swallows don’t care,Because compared with the five princesses of the Shen family,her“capital”It’s one level behind,So she knows that she will not be“Fire at the gate,Pond fish”of。
“But I have a brain,Not like you。”