Xiaomei couldn’t help asking:“Will she agree?I heard that the girl is very stubborn,Do whatever you want,Very wayward。”
Hong Yun sneered:“Don’t underestimate those men。”
Chapter One Hundred and Eleven Find a stand-in
“Men are much smarter than women,He really wants to teach a woman,Women can’t resist。The golden pig holds a lot of the black history of that girl,If that girl still wants to continue mixing,Those black histories must never be released。”
Hong Yun’s words made Xiaomei vigilant。Her face sank,Asked:“Sister Hong Yun,I was in the hotel with some big guys that night,What can I do if I leave the bottom??”
Hong Yun thought for a while,Said:“If you want to solve this,A lot of money。And the money may not be effective after spending。”
Xiaomei is a little flustered,Although she also gave,But how she said she moved the knife several times,Makeover,Even if there is a video, it is not clear,You may not be able to recognize it after being photographed。But since Lu Shanshan’s accident that night,She appeared in public,Her face has been frozen,So even if it needs to be repaired later,Not too much。
Those big guys are different from the people they were with before,They intentionally leave a video,Xiaomei can’t resist。
“Sister Hong Yun,There is really no perfect solution?You have been in the circle for so many years,Will definitely help me。”
Hong Yun doesn’t want Xiaomei,But she really has no better plan。
“If you happen before debut,Then easy,You’ve gotten a lot better now,Remove some moles,Who can recognize you。But it’s too late,You can only train someone who is similar to you to be a dead ghost。”
Xiaomei understands,But she still plays stupid:“Sister Hong Yun means?”
Hong Yun smiled:“Aren’t you going to film next?I have to find a substitute,The candidate for the dead ghost,I will choose from substitutes。”
Xiaomei is still a little worried:“Sister Hong Yun,The more people know about this,Isn’t it the worse for us??”
Hong Yun smiled again:“do not worry,The people I choose are very cautious。And there are so many people in this world who want to make quick money,Who is more accountable。”
Xiaomei knows,clean,Is a joke in the circle,If a beautiful girl wants to make quick money in the circle,Without a solid background, you can only rely on beauty。
Thought of here,Xiaomei is curious,How was Lu Shanshan caught by Hong Yun,Hong Yun is the idiot who misses many talents?But these are all past tense,People have to look forward,Xiaomei doesn’t have time to think too much,She has to take care of her own business first。
Before finding a double,Xiaomei has to take care of Boss Feng。