“sister,never mind,never mind,The doctor will be here soon。”Mo Jinyu squatted to his sister’s side,Grabbed her hand,Looked at the wound,Then he gave Mo Xiaosheng a cold look,No more words。
“Yanyan,Yanyan,how do you feel?”Mrs. Mo was relieved when he saw this,Ran over and touched Mo Yanyan’s face with lingering fears。
“The poison in your sister’s body has not been completely eliminated,Just temporarily suppressed it,To get rid of all the poison in the body,I need to take the antidote pills I made,You take her to my clinic,I’ll go back to boil medicine。”
Mo Xiaosheng’s tone is plain,Without any emotion,You have to go outside when you lift your foot,At this time, a man in a white coat followed Mo Jinqi and hurried in from outside.。
“Miss Mo,All right?!”The male doctor ran over and said in a hurry,Then quickly take out the cable tie and potassium permanganate solution from the medical box,Ready to clean Mo Yanyan’s wound,Also said:“Master Mo,I have notified the General Hospital of the Military Region,They will send someone to pick up Miss Mo!”
“You don’t have to trouble,I have used silver needles to control the spread of snake venom,Also treated her wounds with herbs。”Mo Xiaosheng stopped him。
The male doctor glanced at the silver needle on Mo Yanyan’s leg,Slightly startled,Ask Mo Jinyu carefully:“Master Mo,This is from the Mo family……?”
“He has nothing to do with our Mo family,He’s just a half-hearted doctor from Ye Luzi, right?!”Mo Jinyu glanced at Mo Xiaosheng coldly,I didn’t know how Mo Xiaosheng saved his sister’s love,Because he felt that even without Mo Xiaosheng,Doctor Qi can also heal his sister。
“Oh,That’s it。”Doctor Qi suddenly sneered,Since Mo Xiaosheng is not from the Mo family,Then he naturally doesn’t have to be polite to Mo Xiaosheng,Chongmo Xiaosheng sneered,“Looks like you are a Chinese medicine doctor?You got so many silver needles,Spread some weeds,I told you to stop the poison,Do you think it’s making a movie?”
After talking, he ignored Mo Xiaosheng,Chong Mo Jinyu asked:“Master Mo,Do you believe me,Still believe him?”
“joke!”Mo Jinyu sneered,“Of course believe you!”
Doctor Qi looked at Mo Xiaosheng triumphantly,Then he said to Mo Jinyu:“Then I pulled out the needle!”
Mo Jinyu’s voice fell,Doctor Qi immediately reached for the needle。
First0243Zhang is almost Mid-Autumn Festival
“Hold on!”
Mo Xiaosheng coldly scolded him,Cold voice:“If you don’t want to kill her,Just take your hand away!Twenty minutes have passed since she was bitten by a snake,Waiting for the hospital car to come,Take her to the hospital,It must be more than forty minutes,Reinjection of serum,Little effect at all。”