The atmosphere in the banker’s life arena suddenly became warm,Not cheering for Westbrook,But to cheer for this wonderful confrontation!
Xu Xuan was squeezed to the low position。
Low position is not a position Xu Xuan is good at,Or,In fact, few defenders often choose to attack in the low post。
The Pacers’ players pulled him away,Kanter on the inside hesitated for a second,Dare not go over,After all, Xu Xuan’s style of play is too weird,Kanter knows himself,He doesn’t want to be Xu Xuan’s background board。
Circle around you,Let’s not let blue-collar like us play?
I can’t continue to play happily together!
Kanter opened his hand to Xu Xuan’s direction,People stand under the basket and don’t move,Simultaneously,Gave Robertson a look。
brothers,I can only help you here,The following depends on your own destiny。
Robertson is also uncomfortable now,But his expression is still very firm。
Although there was an accident just now,But whether it’s the other party、Neither teammates nor coaches mean to blame him,Instead let him continue to defend Xu Xuan。
Now that I stand on this court,Just do what you should do!
No one knows this better than Robertson,This is also where blue-collar playersNBAWay of survival!