Ready to take this time210,000 yuan to spend,Definitely the first time since he was born。
——The most extravagant thing he did before,That is to buy Chrysanthemum’s latest flagship phone,But also for more convenient work。
Like taking photos,Make video。
Powerful mobile phone,It’s more convenient to do this,The effect is better。
In this year,The money he sent back was over 100,000,Going back and showing it off will not be considered bragging,After all, the money was actually paid in,It’s not a blown number。
Now his parents think he is developed,And he tried to find him a partner locally。
But Liu Qing suddenly loses that interest,I feel that the girls in the village are no longer worthy of the executives of his metropolis。
Go back this time,You have to pretend to be forced。
He wanted to buy21Train ticket home,But did not grab,Only grabbed22Train ticket home。
Is a sleeper。
Departure at night,Sleep,I woke up in the morning and went to my home city,He thinks this is more appropriate than high-speed rail。
And the price is cheaper than the high-speed rail ticket。
It doesn’t matter to be one day late,Anyway, during the New Year24number,Do not delay going home。
New Year’s Eve dinner,He eats a lot,Also drank a lot,It was already night when I got home11More,Some are unsteady。
An employee of a company sent him home。