“Hurry up,Sasuke!”
Naruto who enters the fairy mode feels Bo Ren and Zorana’s Chakra,While urging Sasuke to hurry up to drive Susano。
After hearing the news that Shinohara Yukiki returned to the village,After Naruto handed Hokage’s job to Shikamaru temporarily,And Sasuke left the village immediately。
“It’s here,Sasuke!”
Naruto pointed to a small earth building below and said。
Zoryana of Chakra, who sensed her father, was lying on the second floor window and beckoning to Sasuke below。
“what happened to you,Blogger!”Come to the second floor,Looking at the motionless blogger in front of me,A worried look appeared in Naruto’s eyes。
“Do not worry,Naruto,Bo Ren just hit the illusion。”Sasuke said,While showing his reincarnation eyes,Help bloggers unlock illusion。
“Thank you,Sasuke。”Naruto thanks Sasuke。
The blogger who was forced to remain motionless for a long time after staggering a few steps,Falling into the arms of Naruto in front of him。
The blogger raised his head and looked at his father’s face,But his eyes were attracted by the beard on Naruto’s face:“.Dad,Siyue he actually joined SHIELD!”
“Ok,I know,Blogger。”